How do I transport all my stuff?

Okay... stupid question probably. But how am I supposed to move all my stuff from Kendal to Milan when we struggle getting it from Kendal to Lancaster? I don't think my mother will drive it all there somehow...

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  • Jennifer Meehan · 8 years ago

    When I went out to Italy, my parents and sister came with me so I had 4 bags of hold luggage included with our flights, so coming out wasn't a problem for me (I only used two in the end - I don't have THAT much stuff!). However, I came back alone - obviously I couldn't cart everything across Italy by myself so I used Send My Bag.

    I actually can't recommend them enough. It cost me £64 to courier two bags back to England. They ship both ways, and literally take your bag from door to door. You can also track your bags online which helps settle you if you're worried about your stuff. It took about 3 days for my stuff to be sent from Italy to England, so I had booked for them to come and pick my stuff up 2 days before my flight, and my bags arrived the day after I got home. For the price, the service is incredible. Especially as it would have cost me £30 for each bag had I had to take them on the plane with me. 

    The only thing that is a little awkward with them is that they have some restrictions on items you can't take - for example you can't have any liquids, aerosols, they say electrics but I think that is more things like laptops etc as I was able to send a hairdryer back. But, as I presume you'll take another small bag on the plane/in the car/train however you're travelling, you can always take a few days worth of clothes to tide you over. Similarly if you are staying in a hotel/hostel for the first few nights before finding a flat they will deliver to said hotel/hostel, I'd advise letting the staff know beforehand in case you are out.

    Hope this has been useful! Feel free to ask me any more about it. (:

  • Anonymous Answer · 8 years ago

    I used and they were amazing. The couriers picked up my bag from my front door in Spain and delivered it right to my bedroom in the UK. (up and down multiple flights of stairs!) 

    Their service works in the UK and internationally, and at a great price that often beats the price of checking in a bag with an airline. You can book with only a couple of days notice, and there are a range of delivery speeds too. 

  • Lauren Stevens · 8 years ago

    I had the same problem on my year abroad. I tried to prioritise and unfortunately had to leave some things behind. I booked a flight with British Airways rather than Ryanair. Although the ticket was more expensive, it included a free suitcase with 23kg weight limit, so it probably worked out cheaper than paying to take a suitcase with Ryanair.

  • Minna Jalili · 8 years ago

    Hi there!

    When I moved from France to the UK, I sent a huge 25kg box via the post office which cost me 50€. It's not too bad I think.

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