How do I find accommodation in France?

I know that when I arrive I will be staying with a British council representative, but how do I find accommodation, are there any useful websites or is it easy enough to find a flat when I am there?

This question was asked by Lauren Birney from The University of Stirling , asked on 12th August 2014 and has been read 2589 times.

  • Joachim Whaley · 8 years ago

    Try these options - the first three may not be suitable if you are not studying but and the last two may be of use.
    • Résidences Estudines has facilities in twenty major French towns, with prices between €300 and 400 -
    • Icade is a development and management society of student residences. They offer small studios as well as flats for sharing in all France. The facilities are usually located near universities and the prices vary between €300-600 -
    • ADELE (Association pour le Développement Économique du Logement Étudiant), the Association for Economic Development and Accommodation of Students, runs a nice website with student accommodation available in some 100 French towns -

    Classified websites charge a small fee to view owners' contact information (most notable are and 

  • Rosie Paul · 8 years ago

    There is also and if you want to look for flatshares. Either that, look up the Erasmus group on Facebook for your city/town, there may be a few people looking to find someone for their spare room or whatever!

  • Sarah Steadman · 8 years ago

    If you are going to be working as a British Council language assistant, can you get the details of where the previous assistant lived? I did that, and although i didn't actually end up living there as it had already been taken, i met some very helpful people and found my appt as a result. Also, when you arrive, look to see if your town has a CRIJ. Local students and student landlords with advertise vacancies there - its a great way to get a flatshare with French students.

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