How do I cope with being overworked and hating my placement?

I'm currently on placement in France and believe I am being overworked. I get the minimum wage for a stagiaire of €500 per month and work over the legal 35 hours per week (I work 41.5 hours). This also includes staying over two nights a week at my workplace, which is in the middle of nowhere. I feel completely trapped because I hate having to stay overnight so often at my workplace as I have no social life because of it. The evenings when I'm not working I usually spend alone in my apartment because I'm too tired to do anything and want some time to myself. I hate working so much but I'm not sure what I can do... I want a good reference from this job for my C.V and won't get one if I quit.. I also have to work a certain number of hours to pass my degree. I have 3 months left here... is there anything I can do to distract myself or make me feel better? Even when I'm not staying over at work, I get depressed during the day because I know that I'll have to stay over the next night and have nothing really to look forward to in the short term (other than the weekend) and no reason to get up in the mornings. I get to go home at Christmas, which should help. But after that I have another 7 weeks to survive until I finish this first placement.

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