How can I watch Coronation Street abroad?

I'm in France and I can't watch coronation street on ITV player and hola app won't work

This question was asked by Hazel Fisher from The University of Hull , asked on 6th September 2014 and has been read 16926 times.

  • Anonymous Answer · 8 years ago


    I used something called Smarty DNS. You sign up (14 day free trial no card details taken) and it guides you through what you need to do! It's worked perfectly for me :) (I watched casualty last night from Belgium) ;)

  • Anonymous Answer · 8 years ago

    If you use google chrome, there's an app called hola that you download from the chrome app store. Once it's downloaded, you click on the face in the top right of the screen and select the country you want to view (eg United Kingdom). It will reload the page for you and then you can watch any British tv you want!

  • Romy Higgins · 8 years ago

    I used the chrome plugin called hola and that lets you watch any uk catchup site abroad :)

  • Jennifer Meehan · 8 years ago

    If your university has a subscription with box of broadcasts, sometimes you can watch it through there using the Hola app. But if you're saying it's not working, have you tried using the different VPN options in Hola rather than the standard one they use. There is usually a variety of different ones to try if the first one doesn't work. 

    If not and you want to watch it live, try using or 

  • Lauren Stevens · 8 years ago

    I used Easy-Hide-IP, which basically hides your current location and enables you to choose another one. You can choose a place in the UK and it lets you watch BBC iPlayer, 4od and many other things (such as Netflix) that you wouldn't otherwise be able to use abroad.

  • William Pate · 8 years ago

    Your university probably has a VPN service, which is generally provided so that you can access online resources usually only available within your uni-network from home.  If it does, you can almost certainly find it by googling your uni name and VPN.

    I found my uni VPN was far more reliable than the chrome apps - it also meant I could use other apps (like the iPlayer downloader), rather than being restricted to chrome only.

  • Corina Pickering · 8 years ago

    I am teaching in China and everything is blocked here from Google to Facebook so I have to use a VPN for almost anything. You can change your IP address to anywhere, change it to the UK and you can watch anything on ITV player (coronation street etc) or on BBC iPlayer or 4od. I use Astrill, it cost me about 45 pounds for the year but you can pay monthly at about 4 pounds a month. It's a lot faster than the other VPN's I used, I'd definitely recommend it :)

  • Anonymous Answer · 8 years ago

    Try watching a French soap instead?

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