How can I find UK-based native speakers to help me practice?

I am going into my final year of university and, although my language skills have improved massively during my year abroad, I'm worried that I will begin to get worse again in the lead up to finals without regular practice. I am interested in finding native Italian speakers who would be willing to do a language exchange. Does anyone know if there are any websites etc. for this purpose?

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  • Joachim Whaley · 3 years ago

    Many universities organise 'buddy' schemes which match up English-speakers with foreign students for this purpose. May be this is possible at your university? 

  • Jennifer Meehan · 3 years ago

    If you went to a University, do you know any other students coming back to your university next year that you could meet up with? I'm sure that they would be more than grateful to have a native English speaker as much as you would be grateful to have them.

  • Lizzie Fane · 3 years ago

    Don't forget the huge influx of Italian Erasmus students your university will have this year! It might be worth speaking to the International Office about finding a conversation exchange partner, or getting involved in the Erasmus society which helps incoming students settle in. Do you remember what it was like being a foreign student on your year abroad? You could make a huge difference by showing new Italian students around and you'd also keep up your Italian skills and maybe make new Italian friends in the process! Personally, I found it really useful to go over my dissertation with my Italian friends in Edinburgh - they spotted my silly mistakes, and I helped them with their English coursework :)

  • Lauren Stevens · 3 years ago

    My university has a group called the 'Language Cafe' where ERASMUS students doing their year abroad in the UK, language students and anyone else come along to practice their languages. You could try searching on Facebook for groups. Meetup is also worth a try.

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