How can I apply for French Housing Insurance without a French mobile number?

Hi! So I'm slightly panicking right now as I desperately need to sort out my French Home Insurance, otherwise when I arrive they won't hand over the keys and er, I'll be homeless. I've seen a fair few companies that offer this compulsory insurance, but every time I start applying, they want a mobile number. My UK number won't fit in the required field, and I don't have a French mobile number and won't be able to get one until after I've moved there...and got housing insurance. I have a few French friends that could maybe let me use their number, but this feels a bit dodgy to me and will be awkward if the company tries to call me. Any suggestions on how to deal with this would be much appreciated. Thanks!

This question was asked by Megan , asked on 14th August 2016 and has been read 296 times.

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