Has anyone gone to university/lived in Salamanca?

My uni offers an Erasmus exchange with Salamanca University, but I can't decide whether or not to apply. I would love to hear what the city is like and more specifically about the university, if anyone knows!

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  • Joachim Whaley · 7 years ago

    Don't hesitate: just go for it! We send students to Salamnaca every year and I've never known any of them to be disappointed. They really love it. The city is beautiful and the university is excellent. The population is about 150,000, which includes about 30,000 students. The night life is also excellent: Salamanca has more bars per 1,000 of population than most other cities in Europe; clubs etc are also among the best. It's among the most popular Spanish destinations for our students.

    You can find out more by searching for 'living in Salamanca' on the web.

  • Anonymous Answer · 7 years ago

    I've just returned from my year abroad in Salamanca and would definitely definitely recommend it! It was the best year of my life and the city is amazing. It really is the perfect student city; incredible nightlife, thousands of foreign students, great food and it's all unbelievably cheap. The university is beautiful and so long as you complete all your paperwork and ask lots of questions regarding your course requirements before you go you won't have too much trouble enrolling in/attending classes. The city has really good transport links, is only a few hours away from madrid and everything's within walking distance in Salamanca itself. Apply :)

  • Anonymous Answer · 7 years ago

    I studied at the University of Salamanca one summer and it was without a doubt one of the best experiences of my life. Although it's a small city, it has an incredible nightlife for students. There's a bar that does 12 shots for €5 (gatsby) and la chupteria does some deadly absinthe shots. Paniagua is also one of the coolest bars I've been to in Spain. Great vibe. University-wise I had some incredible lecturers. My literature lecturer was so interesting and engaging. Being in Salamanca, the accent is the clearest in all of Spain so easy to understand. I've just come back from my year abroad where I studied at UCM in Madrid and UPO in Seville, and when I was younger I spent another summer at the University of Malaga (I swear I'm not a nerd, just any excuse to spend my summer abroad!), and I can easily say that my classes at Salamanca provided the best quality of teaching. UCM was useless in comparison. You're also near to Madrid if you want to escape and visit a big city. 

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