Has anyone ever failed an exam on Erasmus?

I failed a written exam last week and was told the reason was because my Italian wasn't up to scratch and I obviously hadn't understood the lectures. I did understand the lectures and really didn't think my italian was that bad. Has anyone else had similar experiences? What happens if I fail the retakes? Will I just not get the credits?

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  • Joachim Whaley · 8 years ago

    It's a common problem! If you fail the re-takes you simply don't get the credits. You will still be able to get your attendance certificate, though.

    Good luck with the re-takes!

  • King's College London Study Abroad Office · 8 years ago

    I think the response to this will differ university to university but obviously you need to be clear on how your year or semester abroad in Italy is assessed, how many credits you are required to pass and so on. Hopefully you have a good personal tutor who can help ease your concerns - make contact with them now if you haven't already.

    Many universities also have have resit opportunities, as Joachim mentions, so certainly make sure you're au fait with these and take the chance, if you can, to resit. It's certainly not uncommon and the important thing now is how you deal with the fail. Asking on this site is a good start I think!

  • Anonymous Answer · 8 years ago

    I failed all my exams/didn't even do the coursework. But then again, Bristol don't actually require us to pass as we are set other work to do which actually counts towards our degree. 

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