Has anyone done a CELTA in Germany?

I am considering relocating to Berlin/somewhere in Germany for a little bit, in order to gain some further ELT experience. Has anyone done a CELTA course, or taught English to adults in any context in Germany? If so, could you please share any advice on how hard it is to find jobs etc please?

This question was asked by Rachel Daw from Durham University , asked on 19th September 2014 and has been read 3096 times.

  • Bethan Mair Williams · 8 years ago

    Hi, I taught English to adults in a teaching college in Vienna 2 years ago and although it was quite daunting at first, it was an incredible experience. I'm currently living in Wolfsburg in Germany and the demand for English teachers/tutors is high as a lot of people I've spoken to are unhappy with the level of taught English in schools. If you experience already I don't think it will be difficult for you to find a job, I think you just need to find the right type of school or institution to have you :)

  • Rachel Daw · 8 years ago

    Thanks so much for your advice, Bethan! I am jealous you're currently living in VW Stadt Wolfsburg! Make sure you go to the VW Christmas market :) (I lived in Hannover for 6 months where I taught English in a Gymnasium for 6 months, so I know Niedersachsen very well!) I suppose my brackets also link to your point about previous experience: yes, I have taught English before, but not to adults and I think I'd like to try teaching adults instead. 

    Sorry if it's impertinent to ask, but do you find you earn enough to afford a WG rent and still have some fun, teaching English? 

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