Finding Accommodation in Montréal Canada?

If anyone could offer any tips about moving to Canada, necessary paperwork, waiting till you get there etc, that'd be great!

This question was asked by Millie Bardsley from The University College London , asked on 21st April 2015 and has been read 1235 times.

  • Louise Wiseman · 5 years ago

    Hi Millie, I did my year abroad in Montreal in 2011 and I've recently moved back here!There are a lot of places on Craigs list and You could start looking before you move, just to message people but I would wait till you get here to firmly agree to something so you can visit them and get a feel for the area. It took me two days to find somewhere! There are lots of hostels around, I recommend the HI Hostel, it's downtown and close to the metro, so great location for flat hunting 

    If you're coming at the end of August it might be a bit harder as moving day is generally the 1st July, but there are still usually plenty of rooms available. When I signed my lease all I needed was proof of I.D, my landlady didn't ask me for anything else, but maybe some will be different. They cannot ask you for a deposit (at least in Quebec) and you do not have to pay the last months rent upfront, so don't let anyone tell you you have to!Depending on what university you're going to, you might want to have a look in different areas around the city. Anywhere close to a metro is the best, because you don't want to be waiting for ages for a bus when it gets really cold. 

    Once you get an address, you can open a bank account and get a phone/sim card.

    Hope that helps! :)

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