Does anybody know any good places to start looking for an intership/placement in a French speaking country?

I need to start organising either an internship or a placement in a French speaking country for the French part of my year abroad. Ideally, I would like to work with children, or do something linked to education/sport as that is what I want to go into in the future, but I'm really not too bothered to be honest. Possibly something where the accomodation is cheap/provided as well.

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  • Bogi Szabo · 8 years ago

    Try searching on, it's one of the biggest websites for companies advertising internships in France, and you can customise your search to different kinds of work. Make sure you know the difference between 'un job étudiant' which is like a summer job, and a 'stage' which is a work placement with a lower intern wage. You probably want the second one for a year abroad. Good luck!

  • Zoe Taylor · 8 years ago

    I second! Alternatively you could look at even holiday or adventure companies like Thomson, PGL etc to look for stages where you could be involved with children and activities :) 

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