Do you stay in your chosen country for a whole year?

I will be starting university soon and I am looking at doing a year abroad. However, I could not find any information on how breaks would work. For example, will I stay in the country I am studying in during holidays or can I go back home to see family/friends/significant others? And if I can, how often? Thanks in advance

This question was asked by Jozef Stzef Gwizdala , asked on 3rd June 2016 and has been read 605 times.

  • Kirsten Robinson · 3 years ago

    Studying abroad tends to last for around 9 months, although some students choose to stay on in the country later the majority come back home at the end of the uni term. As for holidays, most pop back home during Christmas and Easter holidays no problem :) it's a great opportunity, I loved my year abroad! 

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