Do you need to get an NIE in Madrid?

I read a post about the NIE that made it sound like it was only for Barcelona or if you wanted to live for 2 years in Spain? Is it necessary to get one for just a period of 9 months?

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  • Florence Robson · 7 years ago


    You can get a NIE for any area of Spain (for example, I got one for my year abroad in Madrid).

    It's not absolutely essential for you to get a NIE if you're only in Spain for a year or less, but you need one to open a resident's bank account. If you're going to be employed by a Spanish company, it would be a good idea to get a NIE sorted. 

    Here are a few articles that talk through the process of getting a NIE! If you're off to be a language assistant, make sure you attend the orientation talk at the beginning of the year, as they'll set you up with a NIE appointment.

    There's also a great answer to a similar question about the NIE elsewhere on TYA Answers.

    Hope that helps :)

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