Do you need both an EHIC and a Carte Vitale for a year abroad in France?

French red tape is confusing me! Please help!

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  • Rosie Paul · 7 years ago

    That depends - if you're a student, no. You only need your EHIC card and no Carte Vitale card. As you are still registered as a student in the UK, the NHS still has to cover you and so you can use your EHIC card to pay for any treatment. If you're a language assistant, I guess you need a social security number and therefore need to register with French social security? In this way, you'll be in line to get a Carte Vitale but it's highly unlikely that you'll receive it before the end of your year abroad - I've spent 3 years in France and still haven't received mine! For treatment, you'll need to pay it in advance or warn Social Security that you're in hospital etc and you'll show your attestation at the doctors. 

    In short, you don't need both! I'm not sure my language assistant info is very accurate but as a student, you don't need to register with French Social Security that's for sure! 

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