Company with just interns?

I studied fashion design in Paris. Right now im doing my first internship. The company consists only of interns and of course the boss. But the boss never worked in the industry before, so has no experience at all. My question is is it even allowed to hire only interns?

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  • Anonymous Answer · 7 years ago

    Hello there, 

    I completed two internships recently, one in Paris and the other in Madrid and both companies consisted of more interns than full time staff. 

    It was very difficult at times because there was very little structure and we needed someone superior to make decisions. However, there were some benefits as well; we were given a lot of responsibility and so it was a great opportunity to develop as a professional - even if I wasn't recognised as one. 

    As to whether a company full of interns is allowed - I have no idea - it shouldn't be in my opinion. 

    I think you should follow your gut feeling; if you enjoy where you work and you have a lot of opportunities to progress then just go with it. If not then try and find something else. 

    Good luck! 

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