Can you do a year abroad as a non-linguist at Oxbridge?

I am considering applying to Oxford or Cambridge to read English, but I would really like the chance to study abroad as part of my degree - whether for a year, or just for a term. I know that linguists spend a year abroad, but does anyone know whether it's possible for non-linguists? Has anyone done it themselves?

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  • Leah Hendre · 8 years ago

    Hi there. 

    I'm a linguist at Oxford. I don't think I've ever heard of a non-linguist taking time out if their course for either a year or a term abroad. They encourage travelling during the holidays (5 weeks at Christmas, 5 weeks at Easter and around 3-3.5 months for summer) and there are grants available, especially if the travel is study-related. I don't know about Cambridge, but I'm pretty sure Oxford doesn't permit it. However, do just go on their websites and send an email to the admissions teams for both universities and they'll get back to you with a run-down of their policies.

    Good luck with your applications!

  • Sarah Schechter · 8 years ago

    I know from our Routes into Languages partners at Cambridge Uni that Engineering do try to encourage it and Law offers the opportunity to do Erasmus. However there is no university strategy for it

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