Can someone help me with accommodation in Spain?

I'm going to be studying in Seville from January until May and I've been having a bit of trouble finding accommodation. Does anyone have any tips or information they can give me about searching and finding the best places, I would preferably like to have somewhere before I go! Thanks :D

This question was asked by Samara Willis from The University of Ulster , asked on 12th December 2014 and has been read 2346 times.

  • Florence Robson · 8 years ago

    Hi Sam! I can't give you any advice specific to Seville but have you checked out this previous question/answers about accommodation in Spain? The answers mention websites such as Fotocasa, Easy Piso, Mil Anuncios and Idealista, all of which are really helpful (although Idealista was my personal favourite). However, don't panic if you can't find somewhere before you go. There are always numbers pinned to lamp posts (not as dodgy as it sounds!) advertising flats in the area. If you're still looking in January, book a hostel/Air Bnb and spend a couple of days asking around and looking on noticeboards!

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