Can I study abroad when I don't study a language?

I study Geography and want to study abroad.

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  • Anonymous Answer · 8 years ago

    If you speak to your University, they may be able to help you organise a Year Abroad as it is becoming more and more popular for students from all disciplines to study/work abroad.

    My University has now introduced the non-compulsory study abroad year to all students across most academic schools, so my friend (a Biologist) studied in Calgary for a year. Whilst her work there did not really count towards her final grade - she only had to pass the exams rather than achieve a certain grade - her degree certificate documents her year away. She wanted to prove to employers that she can live/work abroad and combined this into her degree, picking up some Canadian French at the same time.

    I'd definitely recommend a year abroad regardless of which subject you study, as it gives you a chance to travel, meet new people, have a broader understanding of culture and almost refresh you for your final exams on your return! But sadly, it is still University dependent, so speak to your tutors and see what the options are. 

  • Anne Marie Graham · 8 years ago

    UK higher education institutions are increasingly offering study abroad opportunities to non-linguists. Many subject disciplines have exchange agreements with European and non-European universities, and even where the partner university is in a non-English speaking country, there may be opportunities to study modules in English.

    As well as speaking to your tutors, check if your institution has a study abroad office and pay them a visit. They can offer advice on what is available across the institution.

  • Rebecca Farrington · 7 years ago

    Yes this is all true. I have a friend who does not do languages who is currently doing a year abroad in Sweden and doing modules on Swedish culture in English and a beginner's Swedish course provided by the university. You do not have to study languages during your study abroad period and it is a really great experience. Go and talk to the study abroad office at your university and they should be able to find you a place in either a European or non-European country depending on your course. I would definitely advise you to study abroad. There are some universities where you need to know the language but there are many that offer courses in Ebglish. I also have friends who are studying in America and in Australia who are absolutely loving the experience. 

  • Anonymous Answer · 7 years ago

    l have high school l am in first year l am enging it there 

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