Can I study abroad if I do not know any other languages except for English?

I would like to study abroad in Europe or Asia. I know a lot of words and grammar for some European and Asian languages but I am not fluent so I won't be able to follow courses in other languages. Will I still be able to study abroad?

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  • Lucinda Riding · 7 years ago

    Definitely! I know that many universities offer exchanges to America and Australia. If you don't fancy an English-speaking country though a lot of the unis in Spain have English courses. Same goes for Germany, Scandinavia, the Netherlands etc. Good luck! X

  • Rosemary Maher · 7 years ago

    Absolutely - the best approach would be to contact the Study Abroad staff at your university and enquire about what links and exchange programmes they have with other universities, where speaking the foreign language is not compulsory. I know a couple of people who studied abroad in Hong Kong, neither of whom were fluent in Cantonese, and my boyfriend studied abroad in Canada last year. Additionally, some universities in Europe (e.g. Lyon 3, France) will have the first half of the programme taught in English and the second half in the native language of that country - which could be an option. As Lucinda says, lots of universities do offer English-medium study abroad opportunities. Hope that helps!

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