Can I combine a TEFL course with learning another language?

I've recently graduated from UEA with a degree in translation, media with French and Spanish, and while I'm struggling to pin down what I want to do in life, I'm tempted to use tefl as a way to go abroad and keep up my languages. I would rather do this abroad, either in France or Spain since I can practise my languages, or in another country (Portugal, Italy or Germany, perhaps, though I wouldn't rule out a more unusual country). Has anyone combined a tefl course with learning another language? For example, doing the course and attending a language school at the same time. I don't know if it's possible, if I'd have time to do both or which countries and courses are best, so any advice would be great. I don't really know much about the different courses, though I've heard that CELTA and Trinity are good. Could I pick any CELTA course anywhere and it'd be a good quality course, or does it depend on the school? Thanks for any advice :)

This question was asked by Romy Higgins from The University of East Anglia , asked on 30th September 2015 and has been read 1903 times.

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