Can I be a translator?

I am lost in relation to my career opportunities and options after graduating with a degree in linguistics and translation with French and Chinese. I feel like even though I graduated, I have no skills and experience and my main issue is that I don't know if I can be a translator or even apply for an EU traineeship because my mother tongue is Polish but my command in this language is not professional because I left Poland when I was thirteen, therefore, I can not express myself in a university-like manner in writing and speaking even though my understanding is perfect. On the other hand, I think my second language, which is English, is native-like because I've been living in an English-speaking country for 10 years and graduated from a university in Ireland, however it is said that translating into a language that is not your mother tongue is unprofessional in the translating world. I also speak French and Mandarin but on intermediate levels with having spent 8 months in both countries.

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