Can anyone recommend where to start looking for insurance?

I'm aware that I'll need to have insurance for when I'm abroad but have no idea where to begin!!

This question was asked by Jennie Best from The University of Sunderland , asked on 3rd September 2014 and has been read 2579 times.

  • Ellie · 8 years ago

    Endsleigh do good insurance, search for Endsleigh Study Abroad cover. Although it's called this it also covers British Council and work placements. I added special gadget insurance for 3 particularly expensive items (phone, laptop, camera), and the price came to £222 for the year, which seems a lot but given that it covers travel, medical, theft, etc, you can't really be without it! It was the cheapest I found and I know people that have made claims with them before that found it efficient and easy to get their money.

  • Anonymous Answer · 8 years ago

    I went with Year Abroad Insurance who were excellent. Their policy is specifically designed for year abroad students, so they have all the bases covered, but when I had a few questions about the policy, they were really responsive and helpful! Would strongly recommend this for when you head off on what I'm sure will be an amazing year :)

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