Can anyone recommend a paid language assistant scheme in Spain or South America that is 3-6 months in length?

Only schemes I have found so far (e.g. British Council) have been full school years (8-10 months), looking for something between 3-6 months due to work commitments.

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  • Francesca · 7 years ago

    I would say not to get too hung up on schemes. You could always do some research on schools in different areas and email them directly to see if they would be open to a placement. I am working in an english international school as a spanish language assistant, speak mainly spanish during the day and found the placement myself. 

    You could also look at volunteach Peru, they do english language assistant placements from 3 months I believe but I don't think that is paid!

  • Bobbi · 7 years ago

    Research the area you want to be in and see whats available there.  Many placements in schools are not done via theBritish council as far as I have seen.

    I am currently in a private school in the Barcelona region just for the autumn term, so will have done 3.75 months.

  • James Richard Collins · 7 years ago

    Stay away from Hands on TEFL in Spain it will not give you a valid certificate or a satisfactory job. 

    For more details see this Question.

  • Alex · 7 years ago

    Bobbi - thanks for the info, how did you find your placement in a private school? Was it a speculative application? I am struggling to find advertised vacancies for private school assistantships

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