Can anyone recommend a French bank?

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  • Emily Decker · 8 years ago

    I got a student account with BNP Paribas - it was so easy and it also provided me with room insurance, which is compulsory in France. Just make sure to take all your documents with you - passport, proof of French address, proof of student status - so it can all be sorted out on the spot.

  • Rhianna Masson · 8 years ago

    I was also with BNP Paribas and it was really quick and simple to set up. To save me writing out the whole process again you can read my blog post I wrote explaining the process.

    I hope that helps! :)

  • Romy Higgins · 8 years ago

    I heard good things about bnp.  I would definitely say don't go with LCL.  I was with the Champs Élysées branch in Paris and the customer service was atrocious.  If you're just studying though you can get away with just using a currency card like Caxton or Endsleigh and pay your rent using the post office international transfers because opening a bank account can be a hassle.

  • Minna Jalili · 7 years ago

    I would also definitely recommend BNP Paribas!

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