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What is Xanax Xanax, also available under its Generic name of Alprazolam is a benzodiazepine class drug that helps treat the people suffering from anxiety and panic disorder. It is among the most popular anti-anxiety medicine, and you can easily Buy Xanax online A doctor’s prescription is required to buy this medicine because it is a controlled substance under schedule IV of the controlled substances act, meaning it can be dangerous to use this medicine without consulting a healthcare expert. What are the uses of Xanax Doctors typically recommend Xanax for people with some anxiety disorder. It helps calm the brain and reduces the feeling of helplessness and fear. It can help treat panic disorders, fear of particular places, or situations that might result in a panic attack, or the feeling of embarrassment, also known as agoraphobia. Doctors often also prescribe this drug for the people who have depression, as it can sometimes result in anxiety. Xanax works by influencing the chemical balance in the brain to produce the desired effects, so generally, prolonged use of this drug is not healthy. Doctors usually prescribe it for a few weeks, and they also recommend other treatments like behavioral therapy and the medication.

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