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Buy Oxycontin online ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ >>>>>>>>Visit this website and BUY OxycontinONLINE- - - BUY Oxycontin ONLINE a<<<<<<<<< _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What does a pill of OxyContin do? Oxycontin is a controlled-release pill or capsule form of Oxycodone. When a user uses it orally as prescribed, it slowly dissolves into the bloodstream over a 10 to 12 hours period. As mentioned, it is a highly potent pain-relieving medicine used when a narcotic medication is needed to prevent severe pain enough to require daily around-the-clock treatment with an opioid or when other pain-relieving alternatives such as non-opioid medicines or immediate-release drugs do not work well enough. This opioid is not to be prescribed on an as-needed basis for an illness that is not around the clock.

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