Boyfriend coming with me to Spain on my year abroad?

My boyfriend and I feel that the year abroad would be an amazing experience to have together and he will go with me. I am planning on doing British Council ELA in Spain, has anyone done this? How much more complex will it make the process? is there anything extra I need to know?

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  • Bethan Mair Williams · 6 years ago

    Hi, I did this! My boyfriend came with me when I went to France to study for 6 months and also followed me for the following 6 months to Vienna, where I was a teachint assistant through the British Council. France was easy, he joined in and played the part of a student really well ;) Vienna was a bit trickier as finding a place to live was a bit more difficult. It was great having him with me though. It was like constantly having a piece of home with me. He also picked up the languages through day to day life and we currently live together in Germany (we moved once I'd graduated) 

    There will be difficult times but it was so, so worth it :) 

  • Siobhan Elward-Jones · 6 years ago

    Hi, my boyfriend came with me for my year abroad! I went on a 9 month teaching placement in Galicia, Spain. Unfortunately, he couldn't speak Spanish, and not many people there could speak English. 

    In the end, he only stayed for a few months before going home. I felt like I missed out on important meetings with new people because either they were reluctant to meet a couple, or, the majority of the time, he wouldn't want to come with me because he couldn't understand anything, which meant that I either didn't go, or left early. 

    I tried setting him up with evening tutoring classes, but he doesn't enjoy teaching, and with him not knowing Spanish, he couldn't respond well to their broken English. The financial burden of another person also took its toll. I was getting paid good money, but one persons wage wasn't enough to support two people. 

    I felt that instead of meeting fellow erasmus students after school and socialising, I would head home to keep him company. We didn't even watch Spanish TV because he couldn't understand it, and instead, watched Netflix. 

    Don't get me wrong, I was glad he was there because it was so scary! But at the sametime, I felt like I was anchored and that I was babysitting! Long distance was easier for us as Skype was great, and we argued a lot less when he wasn't there. :) 

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