Are there many jobs in academia for linguists?

I'm in my final year studying French and Italian and am interested in doing a Masters and then potentially a PhD but I've heard that there aren't many opportunities in academia for humanities students. I also can't afford to fund it myself. Is it still worth applying?

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  • Jack Sellen (CIOL) · 8 years ago

    I'd certainly recommend doing a Master's! And perhaps you'll be able to make a more informed decision at that point.

    I've not used it and so cannot recommend it (or not) but this site seems to be the place to go to view the kind of jobs on offer. Even if there is nothing there for you now, it can give you an idea of the kind of work out there.

  • Katie Bizley · 8 years ago

    Perhaps try an Erasmus+ work placement at a university in Europe to get more experience in academia. You'll need to do it in the year you graduate if your university lets you. But otherwise, you can work on a research project and the European Commission will fund it. Check out 

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