Are there any jobs for graduates in Spain?

I have just graduated and would like to move back to Madrid (where I spent my year abroad) but I'm worried that I will struggle to find work, especially with the high unemployment rate. I want to work in the Arts. Should I move to Spain anyway and then look for work, or is it too risky to move without a guaranteed job?

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  • Anonymous Answer · 8 years ago

    The job market in Spain is unbelievably competitive right now of course; but as a multilingual graduate with a degree and transferable skills, you certainly have an advantage.

    If you're committed to working in Spain, a good way may be to research roles through UK employers (that's how I ended up working in Seville and Spain for a US study abroad agency!). Employers such as the British Council (language assistantship) and Chamber of Commerce, the Consulate or Embassy would be a good place to look as if they don't have roles, they may still have suggestions on where to find them. Sites such as Multilingual Vacancies and EURES - the European jobs portal - give a good idea of what's out there too.

    Make sure to have a translated version of your CV as well to make you stand out and show off your Spanish. Networking in the UK with Spanish companies and organisations would also be invaluable.

    A bit vague, but hope that helps!

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