Are there any good sites for finding a flat and/or flatmates in Spain?

I'm working as an English language assistant in Gijón and I don't know anyone else in the city. I'm not having much luck online finding decent websites with nice flats, and I want to have a couple of viewings set up before I go. If there are any websites anyone has come across, I would really appreciate any help!

This question was asked by Paula Gannon from The University of Glasgow , asked on 12th August 2014 and has been read 1652 times.

  • Florence Robson · 6 years ago

    You might want to have a look at this previous question

    The answers recommend, which I found to be a really useful flat hunting tool during my year abroad in Madrid! I think there is also a feature on the site where you can say that you are looking for Spanish flatmates. Good luck!

  • Lauren Stevens · 6 years ago

    Don't worry about whether you have somewhere to live. Through being given the contact details of a friend of a friend of one of my English language assistant predecessors in Melilla, I was lucky enough to be able organise accommodation before arriving. I was careful and asked for some photos of the flat beforehand and had several conversations with my future house mate. From seeing the photos and speaking to her, I felt like I would be happy living there. It's not always easy, reliable or cheap to find a place to live online (If you want to try, for Spain I would suggest, especially in a small place like Melilla. As Melilla is so small, information isn't always posted online and news is often spread by word of mouth, so it's worth asking around. It may be easier to just book a hotel. Its not the end of the world if you have to live there for a few days and chances are someone who you meet will know someone looking for a flat mate. If not, try the student residence.

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