Are currency cards beneficial on a year abroad?

I'm thinking of using a currency card like Caxton FX on my year abroad. What have been people's experiences with them and would they recommend them or not?

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  • Tara Odeinde · 8 years ago

    I used a Caxton Fx Euro card throughout my Year Abroad and it was a really great decision. Free to load money, free to withdraw from most ATMs and decent exchange rate. I didn't have any problems and definitely going to keep using it on future trips to Europe.

  • Global Graduates · 8 years ago

    Here's a handy article about currency cards too - how they work and the benefits versus setting up a bank account :)

  • Jennifer Meehan · 8 years ago

    I'm in agreement with Tara. Caxton were definitely my easiest port of call throughout my year abroad. In fact, most of my friends have used them on my advice as have family members for holiday trips. 

    They also offer an International Payment service as well, which means you can wire money without having to pay international transfer fees (if your bank charges for international transfers). It was really useful for paying rent. They ticked all the boxes for me this past year.

  • Joseph Norton · 8 years ago

    Ive used the Caxton card and found the FairFX card to give a better rate. But defiantly get a prepaid card, no matter which company you choose! 

  • Ethan R Wilkinson · 8 years ago

    I used the Caxton FX card on my year abroad and it was amazing. They also have apps that you can download so you can top up from your phone! It's very convenient and was accepted everywhere: meaning I could also make online purchases from Amazon in Spain and Italy.

    The only thing that I didn't like was the minimum top up amount of €150.

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