Any Really cheap 1 or 2 month intensive french summer courses in France?

Hi there. I'm a second year student of Japanese and French at UEA and I'm trying to organise a summer abroad in France before I go to Japan to study for a year. Unfortunately no jobs are coming through so I've started looking at intensive french language courses. I've found one that is a month long at the university of Nantes but I need to spend as much time in France as possible between June and September. I'm having trouble finding courses that are as cheap as possible, preferably with accommodation included. Can anyone offer any solutions? If anyone could recommend a cheap month or two month course that would be great :)

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  • Felicity · 7 years ago


    I went to the Centre de linguistique appliquée in Besançon. It was so useful, had classes for all different levels and the town and accommodation are comparatively cheap. I did a home stay for a month, but you can also stay at the university campus for about €150 a month I think. 

    Alternatively have you looked into repping at a holiday camp or something? I've never done it, but know people that learnt french that way! 

    Good luck!

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