Any advice on how to meet people on your third year abroad?

I'm currently in Valencia but I'm working as a language assistant and so haven't met anyone through work and my flat mates are never in. I have anxiety so it's already hard for me to meet people but I'm just feeling more and more depressed as I don't have anything to do for the long weekend I have and I just really want to return to the UK

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  • Arthur Fane · 8 years ago

    Sometimes it is difficult to pluck up the courage, but if you go to a bar you will usually find that the people there are more than up for a chat. One of my friends on my year abroad met her current (long term) boyfriend at a bar, and he's also a good friend of mine - we simply went to a bar and got chatting to the two next to us there!

    Alternatively, Valencia will have a big 'Erasmus' community, who will most probably organise activities and nights out. Join the group (or groups), and go on a night out with them. Not only will you meet fellow year abroaders who are in exactly the same boat as you, but they can also introduce you to their classmates etc (so you can meet Spanish people!!), but when you're part of a big group of foreigners on a night out, I found that the locals will come and chat to you as they'll be interested in the big group of foreign people in their city. It's a great talking point, and could possibly make you a really good friend :)

    Hope this helps!!

  • Emily Houghton · 8 years ago

    I'm moving to Valencia in a week!! Send me a message or leave a comment on my blog! xx

  • Hannah Sharratt · 8 years ago

    I'm moving to valencia in late feb, i will happily meet up with you! :) i'll be looking to find friends too when i arrive. This is my fifth time now moving abroad somewhere to do an internship or au pairing etc and so I understand how lonely it can feel in those initial stages. Don't hesitate to get in touch :)

  • Becky · 8 years ago

    Hi! I live in Valencia too, if you want to do something let me know:) my twitter is _beckywiseman or facebook is :) 

  • Lizzie Fane · 8 years ago

    Think about joining clubs and societies too - that's where I made the most friends on my year abroad! Because I was doing something that fascinated me (calligraphy, cooking, drawing and painting), I met local people with similar interests to me. The first class is always nerve-wracking, but once you surpass that initial anxiety it's wonderful to learn a new skill surrounded by people like you. Your vocabulary improves in a way that interests you, you feel like you're integrating, and you don't have to go to a bar to chat to people, which I always found was a terrifying prospect, especially as a girl alone in a new city. Good luck! :)

  • Anne · 7 years ago

    Is anyone of you still in Valencia? Im living here aswell!

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