Any advice on how to find a short time summer job in Germany?

I'd really like to find a summer job in Germany but its really difficult even to find stuff on the internet! Any advice would be really great in general! Dankeschön!

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  • Helena · 8 years ago

    My solution was au-pairing - you effectively don't have to pay for accommodation or food and you get a (admittedly small) wage too in return for looking after children for a specified number of hours a week.  I did this for 7 weeks one summer in Niedersachsen and really enjoyed it - I had free weekends to travel and was able to massively improve my German as I was living and working in the language almost all the time. 

    There are lots of reputable sites to find a family where you can specify certain environments and say how many children you are happy to care for. The one I used was aupairworld which was fab from my point of view. 

    If you can't bear children, however, it might not be the best idea!

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