Any advice for studying at the University of Pisa?

I am going to embark on my year abroad in september to the university of pisa. I am starting pretty much knowing nobody. Does anyone have any advice for this city?

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  • Joachim Whaley · 8 years ago

    Have you checked the information on the University of Pisa website?

    It looks really good (compared with most Italian universities!). Knowing nobody may be an advantage in some ways: just go to the places they recommend for new students and be open to talking to other students (who'll be feeling just as lost as you are!). With luck, you'll run into Italian students rather than international students and you'll start improving your language from Day 1. At first you could simply work at being a tourist: there's so much to see in this amazing city; even walking round the quieter streets and squares of the city centre is a real experience. And don't forget to enjoy the odd glass of wine or ice cream in a street café!

    You'll have a brilliant time - just let it happen slowly and don't expect too much either of it or of yourself at first. Good luck!

  • elliot doherty · 8 years ago

    Hey, I have just returned from doing a year abroad there. It was a really nice city with a real student city atmosphere with the population being over 60 per cent students. Everywhere is within 20mins walking distance. In terms of meeting italian students i recommend going aegee group and go to the language apertivo or join the aegee tandem group on facebook. Its really easy to meet people right from start with people posting on the esn facebook page (the other student group.)Everybody meets in piazza garibaldi right in the centre of the city. I hope this helps!!

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