Any advice for studying abroad in the USA?

I know I want to go to USA but I haven't a clue how to decide which university! Also while I'm there, would I be able to work part time? And would it be like being a regular student at the uni? Like would I stay with all the other students or would I be with all the students that have also come over for the year abroad? Oh and one more question! Would I be able to spend the summer after i finish in the states or would I have to go back home?

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  • Rosie Paul · 7 years ago

    The university you go to depends on the partnerships your university has in the US. So you probably only have a select few to choose from!

    In terms of working, if you're there for a whole year, you will get a J-1 visa, which does not allow you to work. You can ask for permission from the university to work on campus, for a maximum of 20 hours a week. I'm not sure how easy this is though, as I don't know anyone who tried. Depending on the university's set up and residence situation, you will most probably live with other American students! 

    Finally, for the summer after your studies, if you have the J-1 visa, you can stay for a maximum of 30 days after your visa ends. This means you'll probably have to go home mid-June. That said, you could leave the US (by going to Canada or Mexico) and then come back on the Visa Waiver System (if you're European, or possibly on a tourist visa if you are of a different nationality). Hope that helps!

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