Am I eligible for study funding?

Dear Sir/ Madam, I am a stonemason of about 15 years experience. After many years of work I find that stone carving is becoming physically too demanding on my body, particularly my hands from using machine and hand tools and I am looking to move my career in a different direction before I suffer permanent damage. During the last few years I have undertook some sculpture restoration in stone and ceramic and it is this area I would like to focus on. To work at the level I would like, I feel it would be of massive benefit for me to study classical sculpture and to improve my draftsmanship, and to this end I have applied to study the two year program at the Academy of Art, Barcelona. I wondered if this is the type of training your organisation funds, and if so, how do I apply? A link to the Art Academy is below, and also a link to my website so you can see my previous work. If this is not the kind of funding you offer can you recommend any other organisations? Thanks!

This question was asked by will whitmore , asked on 8th September 2016 and has been read 573 times.

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