Advice on doing a study placement abroad , please tell me tricks and tips ?

Hello I will be going to Canada for my study placement . Montreal, Quebec to be direct. I would like to know is there advice to offer in terms of phone, accommodation and so on I would like to know any useful information about studying abroad in general

This question was asked by Dami from Aston University , asked on 26th September 2014 and has been read 2946 times.

  • Hannah · 8 years ago

    Hi Dami, I studied in Canada, (I was at the University of Ottawa), and it's such a brilliant country in which to do a year abroad! Although I can't speak more specifically on Montreal, having only visited it not lived there, I do have a couple of Canada-wide tips. 

    Firstly, Canadians aren't massive fans of responding to emails so in your search for accommodation, you'll probably need to suffer some call charges because it's the easiest way to pin people down. 

    Secondly, do brush up on your French skills if you need to as especially in Quebec, they warm to you much quicker if you communicate in French. 

    Thirdly, it gets really cold so you'll need to spend about $200 on a coat, but it's so worth it. Watch out for freezing nose hair as well, it's a super-odd feeling. 

    Sometimes Canada gets a bit of a rough ride, people can be snobby about what it has to offer in terms of culture - Canadian culture is fascinating. Especially in Montreal, some of the greatest writers and artists grew up there and took the city as their muse. The landscape is also breath-taking and you'll constantly be pinching yourself and thinking 'is this real, is somewhere this beautiful actually real and am I really living here?'

    Good luck. Enjoy! 

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