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Already read all about us? Now here's how we can help you.

1. How we help students and graduates.

  1. Read articles written by our community about their international experiences. 
  2. Please do write for us too! Your article will appear on your profile page so you can build up your portfolio and help other students while showcasing your experiences. Useful for potential employers!
  3. Add your personal blog to our listings to help other students. Our users can browse blog posts to be inspired by people like them, so you can gain new followers.
  4. All of the articles on GG are followed by relevant questions and answers. Feel free to ask a question to our community if you need advice - or answer a question if you're feeling kind!
  5. Soon you will be able to follow particular tags you're interested in, like your your destination abroad, uni or placement type, so you can be emailed a weekly digest which is tailored to you! Keep an eye out :)
  6. Check out our latest jobs to find year abroad placements, internships, summer work and graduate jobs which will use your global skills!
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2. How we help university staff.

  1. If at least one of your students is writing for us, you will already have a university profile page! Here all the content created by your students is collected in one place, ready for you to share!
  2. You can also see how many of your students are signed up, writing articles and asking and answering questions.
  3. Your university's profile page is ready to be managed by you! Feel free to update the contact details and text, and use it to promote your university! Once you have signed up, please email us to link your profile to your uni, and get started!
  4. You can promote your latest event or deadline under your university's tag. This means it will appear at the top of your university profile page and at the bottom of every article one of your students has written!
  5. Soon you will be able to follow your own university's tag, so you can be emailed a weekly digest of content created only by your students and graduates! Keep an eye out :)

3. How we help employers

  1. Sign up and post your roles targeting students and graduates with global skills like fluency in foreign languages, experience living and working abroad, and intercultural skills.
  2. We promote your traineeships, work placements, summer roles, graduate programmes, internships and graduate jobs to our community of young people with global skills.
  3. Inspire them by sponsoring an article about how to get into your industry, or how you would like them to make the most of their international experience. You could include testimonials with videos and case studies too! Here's our work with EU Careers as an example. Please contact us for more information!
  4. Engage with us via social media to get your role some more promotion! Tweet us @globalgrads, and join us on Facebook :)