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We help students to become Global Graduates through study abroad opportunities, work placements, volunteering, languages and international jobs during and after their degree course.

An opportunity to live abroad as a student is the most important, eye-opening and life-enhancing experience you can have. You learn things that transform you into a ‘Global Graduate’ - a young person with global skills like languages, travel experience and cross-cultural understanding. You have had the foresight to use your education to prepare yourself for an increasingly globalised workforce - for a job in the future which allows you to see the world, and work across cultural borders.

We exist to help you find out about the global opportunities available to you in your holidays, during your degree and after you graduate. We support you through all aspects by informing you about important things like money, mental health and accommodation abroad, while sharing articles, blog posts, questions and answers written by our community of students about their experiences. Through all of this, we will help you become a Global Graduate, and provide you with listings of internships, traineeships and jobs from companies looking for young people who want to use their global skills in their careers: the ultimate goal!

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Where it all began...
GlobalGraduates.com started life as ThirdYearAbroad.com, the UK's biggest community of students who study or work abroad during their degree. As all of the content is about where you arrive on your placement, we wanted to expand to include students from overseas, and we wanted to bring our other two websites (a jobs board and Q&A platform called TYA Answers) onto the same platform to make everything easier to find! We hope you like the new website :) Need more info? Here are 10 reasons why TYA is now GG.