A Night Out: Paris vs the UK

Katarina Bickley studies French at the University of Birmingham and is spending her year abroad in Paris, working for the website Showroom Privé. This is her ac...

by Katarina Bickley

Living and working in Germany

Seven ways to fit in in Berlin

by Eliza

It’s Friday night in Paris

by Tammy Olobo

Questions about Nightlife


Is Aarhus really a vibrant student city?


Has nobody been to Aarhus?


Where's the best place to see live music in Madrid?


Oooooh. So Madrid has lots of good options for live music. The first gig I went to in Madrid was at Moby Dick, where I saw the mind-blowing Matt Corby. This place is intimate, a typical nice bar vibe...


What's the nightlife like in Reykjavík?


Not exactly a shining example but in last night's Geordie Shore they went clubbing in Reykjavik... Watching that could help

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