Manchester Metropolitan University

Manchester Metropolitan University

Travelling and experiencing life in another country can be a life changing experience as you discover a new learning environment, make lifelong friends and broaden your horizons. Many of our courses offer an option to study abroad for three, six or ten months, at partner universities in countries including Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, the USA, China, Malaysia, Canada and over 20 countries across Europe. The University participates in the Erasmus+ programme and awards grants to students studying abroad in Europe and beyond. Depending on your course of study, this could be integrated into Year 2 or as an additional year abroad in Year 3 of a four-year degree programme. There are also summer exchange opportunities open to students of any discipline.


Questions about Manchester Met Uni


Does anybody know how to go about receiving ongoing prescription medication...


If your uni has an occupational health service it might be worth talking to them, as they were the ones who guided me through what to do. If you don't have access to that though don't worry. Just make...


Will receieve my maintenance grant from SFE whilst on an Erasmus year abroa...

Erasmus grant

Hi Danny,Check out the info given by Student Finance on this question - hopefully it will be helpful!The TYA Team


BC Language Assistant in either Argentina or Chile?


Well, Castellano is a variant of Spanish. It's sort of as if you were saying that American English is more difficult to learn than British English. So you're comparing the same language. The same gra...

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