Joint Honours

Combined Honours: Keeping up your second subject abroad

Lucy is a Joint Honours student of Spanish and History. Here's how she kept up her second subject while she was on her year abroad in Madrid.

by Lucy Colclough

Study Abroad

A Week in the Life: Studying in Verona

by Megan Evans
Oxford Uni

Learning to love your own company abroad

by Jessica Allen
Study Abroad

The 8 stages of splitting your Year Abroad

by Harriet Barter
Language Assistant

How to juggle your Year Abroad: a guide for Joint Honours students

by Sophie Baggs

Doing the splits: Getting the most out of your year abroad

by Global Graduates

Questions about Joint Honours


Do you get your languages mixed up?


I study spanish and french at uni and since spending a lot of time in Spain during my summers, my brain predominantly thinks in Spanish. I think this is just because it is my stronger language I can t...

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