Questions about Introvert


How do I make friends abroad?


Though I wouldn't say I'm an introvert, it's massively difficult making friends on a year abroad - especially when you aren't at a university or in small place. I would suggest looking on Facebook to...


Unhappy in my accommodation in Forli (Italy) but unsure what to do?


Hi, I had a similar experience in Spain where I was rushed into taking somewhere I didn't like with people I didn't feel comfortable around. I didn't even move in properly and I'm so glad I found some...


Very homesick and would like some advice?


Hi there! I just thought I'd let you know that even though I've finished now this time two years ago I was feeling exactly the same as you! My first question is are there any other people from your un...


Making mistakes abroad?

Year Abroad

Hiya,Firstly, absolutely everyone gets nervous when practicing their target language amongst native speakers, so you're not alone!Another student has asked a similar question and, as you'll see, we r...


Improving my confidence?


Hi there,We have a fantastic article on written from the perspective of an introvert on her year abroad - and she also happens to be a French and Italian speaker. There are some gr...

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