EU Careers Insider: Working as a Conference Interpreter

In this interview, Alexandra Ionescu gives us an insider's view into life as a Conference Interpreter.

by Alexandra Ionescu


Questions about Interpreting


I am looking for a master's program in Translation and Interpretation From...


Volunteering in Geneva?

Geneva University

Exam system at the University of Bologna (Forli)?


Hiya! I studied for 6 months in Forli in 2014/5 (I had a great time, everyone is very welcoming, you'll make some good friends there!) and at first the exam system didn't make much sense, so don't wo...


Finding work experience on your year abroad?

Work experience

What's the difference between working as an EU translator and an interprete...

EU careers

Hi there, thanks for your question on EU Careers, great to hear you are interested in applying. If you are interested in pure translation/interpreting you would have to wait for a specialist linguist...

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