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Day surgery in Spain – what to expect

What to do when you're living in Spain and need to undergo a (rather embarrassing) surgical procedure: top tips from an experienced graduate.

by Anonymous

Study Abroad

Putting my foot in it: Dealing with an injury 7000km away from home

by Imogen Reid

Get a European Health Insurance (EHIC) card

by Global Graduates

Questions about Health Insurance


As a UK student going to work in Switzerland, what insurance do I need to g...

Health Insurance

Hiya,There's loads of useful information about sorting out year abroad insurance on That should point you in the right direction!The TYA Team


How and where do you get an STI test in France? Do you have to go through a...


Hi there,France also has Family Planning/Sexual Education/Health and Welfare centres that you can go to for advice and screenings. Ask at your doctor's surgery (or at the university, if you're a stude...


What do I do about healthcare in Switzerland?


Hi Ceri,It's always advisable to sort out insurance before you leave for your year abroad! There's loads of information on our site that should be able to help.TYA


How much should I be paying for health insurance in the USA for 4 months?

Health Insurance

Hi Esther,I'm sorry that no one managed to answer your question in time. Please do share your advice for others if you feel it would be useful!The TYA Team


How do I claim back healthcare costs in France?


Your best bet now is probably your year abroad insurance

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