How to deal with pre-year abroad nerves

Money muddles? Homesickness hangups? Accommodation upsets? Here's Rachel's advice to help you feel prepared for your upcoming adventure.

by Rebecca Lally


Should you live with a friend from your UK university on your year abroad?

by Global Graduates

Making friends abroad

by Gina Reay

Questions about Friendship


Where to meet new people in Madrid?


Any advice on how to meet people on your third year abroad?

Mental Health

Sometimes it is difficult to pluck up the courage, but if you go to a bar you will usually find that the people there are more than up for a chat. One of my friends on my year abroad met her current (...


Is it a bad idea to live with a friend from university on my year abroad?


I lived with a friend from university on my year abroad and it has its positives and negatives.  It's great to have someone there you know with whom you can share tips and advice, and to keep the...

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