Food in Oviedo and Asturias

Danielle's guide to the foodie words, Asturian etiquette and the best places she found to eat in Oviedo and Asturias in Spain.

by Danielle Moore

Birmingham Uni

5 recurring thoughts on my return home

by Kia Marie Hunt

48 hours in Barcelona

by Lexie Hall

A survival guide to eating out in Paris

by Charlotte Aitken

An insight into the Spanish diet

by Jess Bess

Three cheap places to eat in Valencia

by Lewis Rees
Health & Fitness

Being a vegan on your year abroad

by Phillie Spottiswoode

Questions about Food


Dietary Requirements - do you have an advice to share?

Culture Shock

I have lived in France and Italy and don't eat meat, and it was definitely more difficult for me to find veggie food over there! Fortunately for me I'm a pescetarian and eat fish so there were more op...


Can you shop for reasonably priced food in Milan?


I don't know any specifics about Italy but your Erasmus grant isn't supposed to pay for your living costs.  That's what your loan is for, and Erasmus grant pays for extra things.  Use your loan for...


How do you survive as gluten free in France?


Hello, Anonymous!There's no need to panic about this. French supermarkets also sell gluten-free produce. Here are some links to online stores and websites of a couple of major supermarkets to show you...

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Being a vegan on your year abroad

by Phillie Spottiswoode
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