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Combatting boredom on your Year Abroad

Hannah Wakely is studying French and Italian at the University of Salford, and is spending her year abroad studying in Forlì, Italy, and teaching in a collège l...

by Hannah Wakely


10 tried-and-tested ways to make the most of your year abroad

by Global Graduates

Questions about Extra work


What job have you done to help you learn a language?

Extra work

I did a work placement in the South of France - 2 years ago - I found a site called boostyourfrench.com where the owner finds you the placement. I would like to do something like that again.


What's the best way to go about finding a part time job in North America?


Try looking at this website:http://www.4icj.com/North-America/Select your preferred country, the search for 'part-time' via the search box.


How much is the Erasmus grant for a year in Paris? How much will it cover?


You should receive 400 Euro per month and you should also be eligible for the usual student loans etc. The combination should provide you with enough to survive. The cost of living in Paris is about 2...


Has anybody worked another job abroad while completing a British Council As...


Hello,There aren't any restrictions in place for taking on additional hours as long as it doesn't interfere with your work as an assistant. Many former assistants say that they gave private tuition to...

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