Questions about Experience


Staying abroad at Christmas (probably alone)?


Don't worry about spending Christmas away from home - here are some articles written by students who have been through it themselves and have some advice to pass on:How to survive Christmas by yoursel...


Au Pairing experience?

Au Pairing

Hi,We have a great au pairing section on our site. This article on au pairing in Italy should be a good start!The TYA Team


Volunteering on your year abroad?

Charity Shop

Hi :)I volunteered in my free time in Spain whilst I was working there as a British Council assistant. I used the website www.hacesfalta.org which lists loads of charities looking for help, but a goog...


Does anyone have any experience of studying at Scuola Superiore di Lingue M...


Studying at Geneva University?


I spent 5 months at the University of Geneva last year and absolutely loved it! In terms of advice, there are lots of things I can help you out with.First of all, the University is fantastic. They off...

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